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Reinprechtsdorfer Str. 60, 1050 Vienna, Austria
DJ Jörg Recordshack
The man with the heavy, heavy record bag

Having heard the records with the best beat at DJ Jörg Recordshack’s high profile dance events, the killer tunes played were in huge demand.

To meet popular demand, DJ Jörg Recordshack established the Record Shack store to provide keen, upcoming and experienced DJs, record collectors and Soul music lovers alike with a one-stop-shop for all the very best rare vinyl grooves.

With an extensive international career on the scene, DJ Jörg Recordshack hosts the massive annual event of Sound of Soul attracting music lovers from all over Europe and beyond.

He’s also a regular contributor to several longstanding events including Tighten Up and Soul Sugar and international special guest appearances.

Your event deserves to benefit from the Records with the Best Beat.

What’s more, DJ Jörg Recordshack strictly plays 100% original vinyl ONLY – it’s a veritable gourmet vinyl feast.

Book online today to secure DJ Jörg Recordshack for your event.