Alavux – Octagon – Bass Agenda 12″

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Alavux – Octagon – Bass Agenda 12″


Bass Agenda is proud to present the debut vinyl release by Alavux, his third outing on the label and the culmination of many years of ballsy production, experimentation and the perfecting of a sound no one else can touch.

Many electronic producers make music that sounds like the future. Alavux is making the future and has carved himself a millennium head start. Whilst many of his peers maintain a course along the Kraftwerk or Drexciyan trajectory Alavux is committed to creating his own path; still drawing on the inspiration these great pioneers gave to so many, but choosing to adopt their pioneering spirit and innovation rather than their sound and track structures.

Many a conversation has taken place about whether Alavux is a maker of techno or electro. His discography tells you that he can pull off both very well and Octagon shows you that both can be combined with explosive results. The sheer power and intensity of his grooves make each track a force to be reckoned with.



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