*JUST IN!* Annette Snell – I Think I´m Falling In Love b/w Tonight I Feel Like Dancing – Soul4Real ESP 7″

*JUST IN!* Annette Snell – I Think I´m Falling In Love b/w Tonight I Feel Like Dancing – Soul4Real ESP 7″



There has now been a repressing of this record, due to a mistake, in which two recordings from Eleanor Grant were accidently put on the b-side of this previous pressing. The distributor thought it was Annette Snell singing “Make You Feel Love Again” and “This Time We´re Really Through” on the flip-side, when someone informed him that it is in fact Eleonor Grant. Grant had been assigned to sing those songs in the same studio with the same band after Annette Snell had been in her fatal accident. This led to the disbelief that those songs came from the same session, where Snell also did “I Think I´m Falling In Love”, the track on the a-side.

Now, to guarantee that both a- and b-side include songs from Annette Snell, a repressing was made and “Tonight I Feel Like Dancing” by Snell replaced the previous b-side.

The release will now be delayed by one month and the record wil come out on 14th of May 2023.

The Sandersville, Georgia-born Annette ‘Slim’ Snell arrived at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in April 1977 at a time when the studio’s house band, nicknamed ‘The Swampers’, was firing on all cylinders. The thirty-two-year-old Snell was at the cusp of becoming a successful solo artist after more than a decade as a Miami backing vocalist and latterly in Nashville, where she cut for Buddy Killen’s Dial label. The Muscle Shoals session, which was produced by Jimmy Johnson and Roger Hawkins, resulted in seven tracks but only two appeared at the time.

Annette Snell never got to hear the finished labours. She was killed when the plane in which she was returning to Atlanta crash-landed and caught fire near New Hope, Georgia. Soul music had lost a rising star.

These fabulous cuts, co-written by pre-eminent songwriters including George Jackson and Philip Mitchell, have been languishing in the vaults for over forty years, a forgotten testament to what might have been.

(Greg Burgess)

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