HAMMER Record Shack Soul 45s Pack #2 – 20x Record Shack Label 7″ches +Vintage RS Poster

HAMMER Record Shack Soul 45s Pack #2 – 20x Record Shack Label 7″ches +Vintage RS Poster


HAMMER Record Shack Soul 45s Pack #2 +Vintage RS Poster

Combi-offer for 20 quality RECORD SHACK label 7″ WINNERS +PLUS+ one of the few some 20 years old original promo posters from when we opened our store which we kept, these are vintage pieces of history.

This pack is a perfect way to start your collection of quality Soul music on 7″ released on our very own label.

Each and every release has been carefully chosen and there’s a wide selection of styles from the Soul Underground.

From our ‘cliche’ genre 60s Northern Soul, early Soul & R’n’B to classic 70s/80s Modern Soul, Crossover Soul, Deep Funk and ‘Funky Northern’ to Rare Disco/Boogie Soul sounds and Soulful ’45’ed’ House music or Nu Soul.

Essential reissues of super rare or essential hard-to-find originals meet previously unreleased masterpieces and first-time-on 7″ album tracks, sought after sample-secrets stand besides clever edits, all crowned by home-produced future anthems of various soulful flavas, in often changing moods, atmospheres & tempos, many aimed at the dancefloor, but also touching your Heart’n’Soul when listening at home.

All released with the attempt to serve you affordable vinyl 45s with one element in common: a red line of QUALITY SOUL.

But decide yourself and choose 10 of our currently available Record Shack ISSUES in a package at a very nice price.

Out of logistical reasons please order your pack here on the webstore and email us on recordshack@chello.at with your selection of titles, we’ll put them together for you then, also list 1-2 alternative titles in case we are out of a title or just don’t find it at our slightly messy warehouse.

Or trust in our selection, we gladly put them together for you.

Choose from this list here:


RS.45-002 Big Ella – The Queen b/w Too Hot To Hold ’10th Anniversary 45′
RS.45-003 The Volcanos – Gotta Be A False Alarm b/w Movin’ And Groovin’
RS.45-005 Sidney Barnes & Speedometer – Best Thing (That Ever Happened) b/w If I Could Only Be Sure
RS.45-007 T.P.S. (The Preservation Society) – U.F.O. b/w Space:1999
RS.45-011 Barbara Stant – My Mind Holds On To Yesterday b/w Baby I Love You
RS.45-012 Vivian Carol – Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah b/w Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Alternate Version)
RS.45-013 The Imperial Showband Feat. Tommy Tate – Where Did You Go b/w I Can’t Do Enough For You Baby
RS.45-015 The Falcons – Good Good Feeling b/w Standing On Guard (Alternate Version)
RS.45-017 Benny Spellman – This Is For You My Love b/w Chuck Johnson – A Love Like Mine
RS.45-024 Vince Apollo – I Bear Witness b/w The Del Valians – I Bear Witness
RS.45-025 The Chosen Few Band – What It Takes To Live b/w To Love
RS.45-026 Gwen Davis – My Man Don’t Think I Know / I Can’t Be Your Part Time Baby
RS.45-027 Joey Irving & Just Us – There’s A Man b/w I Have This World And You
RS.45-028 The Embraceables Let My Baby Go b/w Barbara Mercer Call On Me
RS.45-030 David Rhodes – Hung Up In Mid-Air b/w Hung Up In Mid-Air (Paolo Scotti & Giacomo Silvestri Disco Mix)
RS.45-031 Lenard Lidell – Keep It Secret b/w When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love
RS.45-035 Jeanette Baby Washington – Let Love Go By b/w Johnny Williams – Honey Child
RS.45-036 J.P. Robinson – Our Day Is Here b/w You Can Be A Lady
RS.45-037 Clarence Reid – Doggone It b/w Vicki Anderson – Sound Funky (Instrumental)
RS.45-038 The Natural Four – I Think I Found That Girl b/w Get It Over With
RS.45-039 Lee Bates – Why Don’t You Write b/w Gonna Make You Mine
RS.45-040 Eddie Bo – Our Love (Will Never Falter) b/w From This Day On
RS.45-041 Linda Jones – You Can’t Take It b/w Last Minute Miracle
RS.45-043 Heem The Music Monsters – Wake Up People b/w Peace Of The Rock
RS.45-046 Just Brothers – Honey b/w Apollo Studio Band – Honky Tonk Woman Instrumental
RS.45-047 Sir Ted Ford – Disco Music BTO Spider 45ed b/w I Wanna Be Near You
RS.45-048 Spyder Turner – I’m Alive With A Lovin’ Feeling b/w I Can’t Wait To See My Baby’s Face
RS.45-050 Betty Semper & Donnie Elbert Band – A Love I Believe In b/w Donnie Elbert Band – A Love I Believe In Instrumental
RS.45-051 Jack Ashford – Blackjack b/w Las Vegas Strut
RS.45-052 The Professionals – That’s Why I Love You (Alternative Take) b/w Instrumental
RS.45-053 South Side – I Feel a Groove Comin’ On b/w Combo Kings – Groovey
RS.45-054 David Morris – Snap, Crackle, Pop (Alternative Take) b/w James Tindal – Easy Does It
RS.45-056 Frank Motley & The Hitchikers Featuring The Mighty Pope – Mr. Fortune b/w King Herbert & The Knights – Sissy Strut
RS.45-058 Billy Byrd – Lost In The Crowd b/w Silly Kind Of Love
RS.45-059 Wally Coco – Message To Society b/w Pt.2
RS.45-061 Earl English & The Apachies – Trying To Make Ends Meet (Six Toe Version) b/w Apaches – Trying To Make Ends Meet (Big 8 Version) – Record Shack
RS.45-062 Patchworks Feat. Darius Rashaud – Celebration (Jr.&Altroy 45’ed) b/w Jr.&Altroy Return Of The Conga Mix – Record Shack
RS.45-063 Gregory Jolly – What ‘Em Doing Is My Business (Altroy & JR. Rhythmic Treatment) b/w Original Version – Record Shack




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