Karol Komenda – Problém b/w Instruental – Memory CZ 7″

Karol Komenda – Problém b/w Instruental – Memory CZ 7″


PRAGUE, March 25, 2024 – At the end of March, a new single by guitarist and singer Karol Komenda titled “Problem” is released on a limited 7“ vinyl. Komenda, who recently released the EP “I’m The Man” in English, recorded original song in his native language after a long time. He collaborated on the recording with the Prague soul label Memory Records Prague.

Karol Komenda has been most visible in recent years alongside a Czech superstar singer Ben Cristovao as a member of his backing band. However, at the end of 2023, he took a break from his long-term projects to record a new single for the vinyl label Memory Records Prague. This label focuses on soul music by Czech-based musicians and their presentation abroad. Vinyl records from this independent label are sold in the most prestigious record stores from New York to Berlin and Paris.

“I have collaborated with the label before. When they called me again to record a new song for them, I didn’t wait for a minute,” says Karol Komenda, who in 2021 released a Czech cover version of Mayer Hawthorne’s song titled “Celodenní” with the same label. The original author liked it so much that he had it played on his online show Wine & Vinyl Hour. The song also appeared on a mixtape by the cult Brooklyn DJs performing under the name Chances With Wolves.

“This is our first-ever original soul music production. It will be a new series of limited 45 vinyl records that we are going to release, along with soul covers. The main aim is to support like-minded artists living in the Czech Republic and introduce their music to our foreign audience,“ adds the manager of the label Milan Dedera.

The new song “Problem” was recorded and produced by Karol Komenda entirely on his own, following the food steps of his favorite multi-instrumentalist, Prince. Not only did he record all the instruments from bass to drums, but he also wrote both the music and lyrics. The music catches the retro sound of the sixties and balances on the edge of soul, blues, and rock. In addition to the vocal version, the upcoming vinyl single will also feature an instrumental version, in which a long fuzzy guitar solo stands out. This solo separates the first and second parts of the song.


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