Kenny Rankin – In The Name Of Love (1966 Version) b/w 1974 Version – Columbia DJ 7″

Kenny Rankin – In The Name Of Love (1966 Version) b/w 1974 Version – Columbia DJ 7″


Limited repress of two sought-after highly in demand Dancefloor Jazz tunes with the A-side being the origial 60s version available on a very rare 45, B-side is the later, more latin-esque album-only version available here for the first time ever on 7″ format.

The original version was arranged and produced by Robert Mersey and must have been released around 1966, but could have been recorded 1 or 2 years before. The second version was released on his 1974 album “Silver Morning” and has more of a bossa kinda vibe to it. Both versions hold their own and it depends on your taste which one you prefer.

Growing up in the multicultural hotbed of New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood, Kenny Rankin absorbed a broad array of musical influences, from Afro-Cuban to Jazz to Brazilian.

In a remarkable recording career that spans three and a half decades, Kenny Rankin has established an impressive set of creative credentials, as an insightful songwriter, a distinctive guitarist and, above all, a world-class singer possessing an uncanny ability to cut straight to a song’s emotional heart. While his supple, pristine tenor has earned him status as a great singer, Rankin’s songwriting talents have also been widely recognized by his peers.

After releasing a string of teen Pop 7″s on Decca in the late 50s /early 60s also sung in Italian, French and German for the European market he turned more towards a jazzy singer/songwriter style during his short Columbia period.

Around that time he also appeared on Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show”, whose host became such a fan that Kenny was ultimately invited to appear on the show more than 20 times.

In 1965 he was a session-guitarist for the recordings of Bob Dylan’s “Bringing It All Back Home”, hence the cover-version of “Tambourine Man” on Kenny’s debut album in 1967.

“In The Name Of Love” has been written by Kenny Rankin & Estelle Levitt and was covered by Peggy Lee, Harry Belafonte, Joan Tolliver, J.J. Johnson and others during the sixties.

In recent years became a fave play for Gilles Peterson.

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In The Name Of Love (1966 Version)

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