Jaheim – Just In Case b/w Diamond In Da Ruff – Jai Alai ESP 7″

Jaheim – Just In Case b/w Diamond In Da Ruff – Jai Alai ESP 7″


Jaheim H. Hoagland, known professionally just as 𝗝𝗮𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗺, is best described as an R&B singer, but as all his releases are post millennium, the term has a different usage now to the style of the 50s/60s/70s that once used the genre. A resident of Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, and the grandson of 1960s soul singer Hoagy Lands which gives him Cuban, African and Native American blood, plus a fine musical heritage.

 His recording career started with Divine Mill Records (a division of Warner Bros. Records) and his debut album “Ghetto Love” was released in 2001 to great acclaim. His follow-up album “Still Ghetto” (2002) spawned two hit singles, “Put That Woman First” and “Fabulous”, that both went platinum, and his third album “Ghetto Classics” (2006) topped the US Billboard chart selling over 153,000 copies in its first week. He then was signed to Atlantic Records in 2007 and his success continued with another three albums, and his final album to date, “Struggle Love” (2016) was released through BMG on his own label Julie’s Dream. To date he has received three Grammy nominations and sold over 5 million records worldwide.

 The tracks selected for their 7″ debuts are “Just In Case”, which was from the 20-track album “Ghetto Love” and did actually get released on a 12″ being a massive favourite at the more progressive soul events, and “Diamond In Da Ruff” from “Still Ghetto”, which was also released on 12″ vinyl.

-Jai Alai

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Just In Case

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Diamond In Da Ruff


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