V.A. – You Showed Me – The Songs Of Gene Clarke – Ace CD

V.A. – You Showed Me – The Songs Of Gene Clarke – Ace CD


Gene Clark was one of the last century’s most gifted songwriters. These eclectic interpretations of songs drawn from his time with the Byrds through to his solo masterpiece “No Other” provide the irrefutable proof.

Quite incredibly, it’s only in more recent years that Gene has risen above cult status to be hailed as one of the last century’s greatest voices, charismatic performers and supernaturally talented songwriters. That could easily be down to the complex mass of paradoxes and human weaknesses that battled inside him. As Byrds biographer Johnny Rogan put it, “For every celebrated moment of his musical life, there were comparable moments of opportunities lost and projects abandoned or unrealised.”

From his earliest composing attempts, there was always more to Gene’s songs than his contemporaries’: deceptively complex arrangements, unusual melodic turns and subtly woven twists carrying a secret, deeper resonance that reached its cosmic apogee on 1974’s “No Other”. He blazed trails for folk-rock, psychedelic/baroque pop and was first to pioneer alternative country and Americana. That he was also a masterful songwriter is why we’re here today, celebrating just some of these masterclasses in translating universal emotions or extraordinary observations into living, breathing music: like early champion Dylan, timeless flights asking to be boarded by other artists.

As with Kents recent collections spotlighting the songs of Leon Russell and Lou Reed, this latest release in their Songwriters series is compiled by Mick Patrick and packaged with a bumper booklet featuring copious notes by Kris Needs.


01 You Showed Me – Echo In The Canyon with Jakob Dylan & Cat Power
02 Feel A Whole Lot Better – Juice Newton
03 I Knew I’d Want You – Thin White Rope
04 She Don’t Care About Time – Flamin’ Groovies
05 Eight Miles High – Roxy Music
06 Till Today – The Rose Garden
07 Echoes – Starry Eyed & Laughing
08 Elevator Operator – Velvet Crush
09 I Found You – The Thyme
10 So You Say You Lost Your Baby – Death In Vegas featuring Paul Weller
11 Tried So Hard – The Flying Burrito Bros
12 In The Plan – New Grass Revival
13 Train Leaves Here This Morning – Kai Clark
14 He Darked The Sun – Linda Ronstadt
15 Kansas City Southern – Pure Prairie League
16 Polly – Iain Matthews
17 Why Not Your Baby – The Mother Hips
18 Full Circle – Byrds
19 Silver Raven – The Baird Sisters
20 Some Misunderstanding – Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan
21 Strength Of Strings – This Mortal Coil

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