V.A. – Praise Poems 9 – Tramp GER CD

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V.A. – Praise Poems 9 – Tramp GER CD


After 8 years and 8 volumes, the Tramp Records crew invites you to join them on yet another enlightening journey into soulful Jazz, Folk and AOR from the 1970s and 80s.

This 9th volume contains sixteen (almost) forgotton Soul, Jazz and AOR/yacht rock nuggets from between the mid 1970s and early 1980s. One of the many highlights is the opening track by Ronnie Miller, balearic soul at its very best. But that’s just the beginning. Praise Poems Vol.9 covers a wide selection of genres, from AOR (Leaves of Autumn, Mirage and Germany’s own People) to pop-soul-rock (Stroke, Tom Miles and Jan Lewis Group), from Terry Callier-type folk-soul (Danish-Swedish singer & guitarist Mikael Neumann, Babe and the previously unreleased “Love Is Not For Real”), to jazz (Dianne Elliott and Phil Palumbo), completing the set with a couple of melancholic soul and psych beauties, most notably AOH’s mind-blowing “The Answer Lies In Love”.

Very few compilation series’ release as many as nine volumes and those that get that far often start to run out of quality music or meander too far from their original artistic direction. That certainly is not the case with the “Praise Poems” series which leaps from strength-to-strength as the Tramp Records team of compilers and researchers continue to unearth lost and often overlooked music from an era long gone. Many of these records were released in small quantities as private pressings or by small regional labels. Obviously, those labels neither had the budget, expertise, nor options to promote their releases in a sweeping way. Therefore the majority of these artists failed to find the wider audience their music so richly deserved.


1 Ronnie Miller – I Got the Hots For You 04:49
2 Leaves Of Autumn – Slip Back Into the Magic 03:05
3 Mirage – Bend A Little 02:40
4 People – Misty Mood 06:11
5 Stroke – Without Your Love 03:55
6 Tom Miles – Old Home Movies 02:43
7 Jan Lewis Group – Oh Senor 03:50
8 Synod – Future Shock 03:22
9 Mikael Neumann – Hey Flicka 03:47
10 5-3-74 – Love Is Not For Real 03:02
11 Babe – It’s A Long Road 03:50
12 Jeff Elliott – Magic Sands 04:12
13 Charles Vickers – Mister Jones 02:51
14 AOH – The Answer Lies In Love 03:40
15 Dianne Elliott – The Ring 01:59
16 Phil Palumbo & Pals – It Was A Very Good Year 04:48

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