Vintage 70s/80s Thorens Turntable/Marantz Tapedeck/Marantz Amplifier/Marantz Tuner/Dantax Speakers *DELUXE* HI-FI Set

Vintage 70s/80s Thorens Turntable/Marantz Tapedeck/Marantz Amplifier/Marantz Tuner/Dantax Speakers *DELUXE* HI-FI Set


Here is the ‘CROWN JEWEL’ within the first presentation of new Record Shack HI-FI range.

This system is aimed at the true tasteful connisseur wanting to enjoy his rare vintage analogue records, tapes or even his fave radio show in pure, un-digital way. What a good way to escape from our over-digitized internet-mobilephone dictated society actually!

This massive-quality vintage HI-FI set has been compiled professionally by our HI-FI specialist, with turntable made in Switzerland, amplifier and tapedeck made in Japan, the tuner manufactured in USA and those mighty speakers coming from Denmark.

This gorgeous, not easy to get, highest quality dream of an analogue HI-FI STEREO SYSTEM’ consists of the following carefully selected and professionally adjusted components:

Thorens TD 165 turntable
Marantz model 2100 tuner
Marantz model 5010 B tapedeck
Marantz model 1090 amplifier
Dantax MC 302 3-way speakers

OH-WOW, if you do not have a turntable or STEREO system yet this is a ONE-OFF CHANCE to own one of the very best vintage systems!

Our high-quality vintage Thorens TD 165 turntable built 1974-76 in Wettlingen/Switzerland, one of the first ‘high-end‘ turntables of that time, is nowadays a popular collector’s item. Inside a 16-pole synchronous motor, slow-runing with acceleration clutch for smooth running, guarantees reliable functioning, the 3 kg heavy turn plate does its part aswell. Equipped with an Audio Technica AT 95 system PLUS NEW EXTRA NEEDLE, Thorens freaks worldwide will confirm that this is a just great sounding stylish machine!

The stylish vintage tuner impresses through it’s enormous signal strength with fine tuning, transmission range 40Hz to 2.3kHz and selectivity 70dB. It’s weight of 6kg could also be interpreted as some ‘quality sign’, it’s been built by Superscope USA during the years of 1978-80 under high quality standard.

Perfectly besides sits the tapedeck, this is the ultimate machine to reproduce the sounds of either vintage forgotten cassettes you might have ‘compiled’ back then or one of the new released tapes, actually a format currently having a revival.
This is a high-league device, classic 2 head deck with super hard permalloy playback head, MPX-filter and special features like peak limiter, illuminated cassette compartment and large, clear VU-meter for exact control of the recording.
Made in Japan 1978-1980, and good weight of about 7kg.

Music power on high level delivering 2x 67w gets served by our gorgeous Marantz amplifier which can be used as /or main-/preamplifier. There are 2 phono inputs, 2 tape inputs, an extremely heavy transformer and it a slider offers adjustment of low an high-level frequencies. That unique style element of blue lightning that made MARANTZ so famous is of course an extra.

The pair of Dantax speakers were manufactured in Copenhagen/Denmark in small numbers around 1984. The chassis were made in a metal cone and with twin reflex execution. The two adjustment knobs are used to adjust the volume for treble and middle frequencies, in a frequency range of 66Hz to 38 Hz in reflex mode. The speaker-pair is in almost new condition and also hard to find anywhere else in the world. Suitable as a collectors item, and also for operation of high performance amplifiers from 4 ohms impedance. The sound width can be adjusted so that an optimal, rich, and balanced listening experience can take place for every music genre. They offer a mighty power of 200w sinus/300w music, good heavy weight is 11 kg and measures are: height 59 cm, width 35 cm, depth 23,5 cm.

This set here combines RSHIFIVINTSET005 +RSVINTTURNT002 +RSVINTSPEAK001 together as *DELUXE SET* at a, as we’d think really SPECIAL PRICE for ‘ya.

This is a HIGH QUALITY HI-FI set with all components serviced, cleaned and tested by our specialist.


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