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Reinprechtsdorfer Str. 60, 1050 Vienna, Austria

All the latest TRAMP records releases now in stock


Tramp Records sho’ is Bavaria’s funkiest record label, releasing quality tunes from new artists, reissues and unreleased Funk, Soul, Jazz & more all on affordable, fully licensed 45s, LPs and CDs.

At Record Shack we recognise a winner when we see one, that’s why we’ve been stocking Tramp Records since their founding, and now we’re delighted to present you their very latest new releases.

There’s even more great news because the full Tramp Records catalogue is now available at our Record Shack high street store!

So much fantastic stuff, in fact, that our team are still working round the clock to make sure it’s all available for you to listen to and buy at our online store.

In the meantime, if you want a specific title, let us know… we’re more than happy to help, because we know YOU deserve the records with the best beat.

Check out the latest Tramp Records releases and ORDER NOW at Record Shack…

Check out the incredible collection!

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