HAMMER Record Shack Soul 45s Pack #1 – 10x Record Shack Label 7″ches

HAMMER Record Shack Soul 45s Pack #1 – 10x Record Shack Label 7″ches


HAMMER Record Shack Soul 45s Pack #1

Combi-offer for 10 quality RECORD SHACK label 7″ WINNERS!

The perfect way to start your collection of quality Soul music on 7″ released on our very own label.

Each and every release has been carefully chosen and there’s a wide selection of styles from the Soul Underground.

From our ‘cliche’ genre 60s Northern Soul, early Soul & R’n’B to classic 70s/80s Modern Soul, Crossover Soul, Deep Funk and ‘Funky Northern’ to Rare Disco/Boogie Soul sounds and Soulful ’45’ed’ House music or Nu Soul.

Essential reissues of super rare or essential hard-to-find originals meet previously unreleased masterpieces and first-time-on 7″ album tracks, sought after sample-secrets stand besides clever edits, all crowned by home-produced future anthems of various soulful flavas, in often changing moods, atmospheres & tempos, many aimed at the dancefloor, but also touching your Heart’n’Soul when listening at home.

All released with the attempt to serve you affordable vinyl 45s with one element in common: a red line of QUALITY SOUL.

But decide yourself and choose 10 of our currently available Record Shack ISSUES in a package at a very nice price.

Out of logistical reasons please order your pack here on the webstore and email us on recordshack@chello.at with your selection of titles, we’ll put them together for you then, also list 1-2 alternative titles in case we are out of a title or just don’t find it at our slightly messy warehouse.

Or trust in our selection, we gladly put them together for you.

Choose from this list here:


RS.45-002 Big Ella – The Queen b/w Too Hot To Hold ’10th Anniversary 45′
RS.45-003 The Volcanos – Gotta Be A False Alarm b/w Movin’ And Groovin’
RS.45-005 Sidney Barnes & Speedometer – Best Thing (That Ever Happened) b/w If I Could Only Be Sure
RS.45-007 T.P.S. (The Preservation Society) – U.F.O. b/w Space:1999
RS.45-011 Barbara Stant – My Mind Holds On To Yesterday b/w Baby I Love You
RS.45-012 Vivian Carol – Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah b/w Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Alternate Version)
RS.45-013 The Imperial Showband Feat. Tommy Tate – Where Did You Go b/w I Can’t Do Enough For You Baby
RS.45-015 The Falcons – Good Good Feeling b/w Standing On Guard (Alternate Version)
RS.45-017 Benny Spellman – This Is For You My Love b/w Chuck Johnson – A Love Like Mine
RS.45-024 Vince Apollo – I Bear Witness b/w The Del Valians – I Bear Witness
RS.45-025 The Chosen Few Band – What It Takes To Live b/w To Love
RS.45-026 Gwen Davis – My Man Don’t Think I Know / I Can’t Be Your Part Time Baby
RS.45-027 Joey Irving & Just Us – There’s A Man b/w I Have This World And You
RS.45-028 The Embraceables Let My Baby Go b/w Barbara Mercer Call On Me
RS.45-030 David Rhodes – Hung Up In Mid-Air b/w Hung Up In Mid-Air (Paolo Scotti & Giacomo Silvestri Disco Mix)
RS.45-031 Lenard Lidell – Keep It Secret b/w When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love
RS.45-035 Jeanette Baby Washington – Let Love Go By b/w Johnny Williams – Honey Child
RS.45-036 J.P. Robinson – Our Day Is Here b/w You Can Be A Lady
RS.45-037 Clarence Reid – Doggone It b/w Vicki Anderson – Sound Funky (Instrumental)
RS.45-038 The Natural Four – I Think I Found That Girl b/w Get It Over With
RS.45-039 Lee Bates – Why Don’t You Write b/w Gonna Make You Mine
RS.45-040 Eddie Bo – Our Love (Will Never Falter) b/w From This Day On
RS.45-041 Linda Jones – You Can’t Take It b/w Last Minute Miracle
RS.45-043 Heem The Music Monsters – Wake Up People b/w Peace Of The Rock
RS.45-046 Just Brothers – Honey b/w Apollo Studio Band – Honky Tonk Woman Instrumental
RS.45-047 Sir Ted Ford – Disco Music BTO Spider 45ed b/w I Wanna Be Near You
RS.45-048 Spyder Turner – I’m Alive With A Lovin’ Feeling b/w I Can’t Wait To See My Baby’s Face
RS.45-050 Betty Semper & Donnie Elbert Band – A Love I Believe In b/w Donnie Elbert Band – A Love I Believe In Instrumental
RS.45-051 Jack Ashford – Blackjack b/w Las Vegas Strut
RS.45-052 The Professionals – That’s Why I Love You (Alternative Take) b/w Instrumental
RS.45-053 South Side – I Feel a Groove Comin’ On b/w Combo Kings – Groovey
RS.45-054 David Morris – Snap, Crackle, Pop (Alternative Take) b/w James Tindal – Easy Does It
RS.45-056 Frank Motley & The Hitchikers Featuring The Mighty Pope – Mr. Fortune b/w King Herbert & The Knights – Sissy Strut
RS.45-058 Billy Byrd – Lost In The Crowd b/w Silly Kind Of Love
RS.45-059 Wally Coco – Message To Society b/w Pt.2
RS.45-061 Earl English & The Apachies – Trying To Make Ends Meet (Six Toe Version) b/w Apaches – Trying To Make Ends Meet (Big 8 Version) – Record Shack
RS.45-062 Patchworks Feat. Darius Rashaud – Celebration (Jr.&Altroy 45’ed) b/w Jr.&Altroy Return Of The Conga Mix – Record Shack
RS.45-063 Gregory Jolly – What ‘Em Doing Is My Business (Altroy & JR. Rhythmic Treatment) b/w Original Version – Record Shack




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