John Bowie – Help Me Pretty Baby b/w You’re Gonna Miss A Good Thing – MD 7″

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John Bowie – Help Me Pretty Baby b/w You’re Gonna Miss A Good Thing – MD 7″


Hailing from the days when John Bowie moved on from the Philadelphians and hooked up with Merben out of New Jersey. The outcome of this new recording relationship was the release of “You’re Gonna Miss A Good Thing”.

MD Records delivers both tracks back-to-back on a 45 for your listening pleasure. The thumping “Help Me Pretty Baby” screams out of the starting blocks with the brass working overtime to punctuate the classic bouncing bass line. Johns’ pleading vocals beautifully threaded through both, delivering his message to the echo of the backing singers.  Flip it over and you get a moody audition take of “You’re Gonna Miss A Good Thing”. This version is raw and darker than the released version, its also got that heavier Hammond style keyboard in support of the baseline, but without the high and light glockenspiel type keyboard of the released version.

In an article written for Scoop newspaper in Philly, it was said that Big John had died from a robbery attempt at a gas station where he worked. This article was dated in the 1998 and had the approximate date of death about 1985. Just another example of the pointless loss of great talent in the soul world.

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John Bowie


Help Me Pretty Baby

Title B

You're Gonna Miss A Good Thing


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