Hello Fella,

The Exits’ hit ‘You Gotta Have Money’ is shipping NOW. 

One of our biggest dance floor fillers at our SOUND of SOUL events over the last two decades, this must-have number is the ultra-catchy Northern Soul track recorded in 1967 in Los Angeles and backed by the soulful ‘Under The Streetlamp.’

This original 45 now fetches €100-€200… but thanks to the good people at Kent Records, it’s currently available here at the Record Shack online store on a limited, great sounding high-quality repress vinyl single for just €10.95.

We only have limited stock though, and since our 20 copies of Tyrone Barkley’s classic sold out in two hours last week, it’s vital that you’re quick off the mark to snap up this gem NOW.

Make sure you secure your copy of the Exits ‘You Got To Have Money’ and place your order NOW.

Soulful regards from the Shack,



P.S. The government here in Vienna is closing shops for 6 days this Easter, so get down to the Record Shack before hand and stock up on Soulful goodies to tide you over…


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