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JUST IN! New Limited Soul4Real Label 45


Jimmy Gresham – Garden Of Love b/w Love Symphony – Soul4Real 7″

We’ve got a real treat here for you!

Release #6 from Soul4Real is here, containing two PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks from Jimmy Gresham recorded in the early 1970s at Playground Studios in Florida.

His killer vocals have graced many releases that have excited Deep, Southern & Northern Soul collectors the world over.

Jimmy’s solo 45s, on labels including Decca or Teri-De and on 45s as part of the groups The New Yorkers & The Groovers, have yielded many great moments in Soul music history.

Together with siblings Mary, Willie and Ben Gresham, they constitute a soulful dynasty going stretching back to the early 60s.

Take it from us, it’s well worth checking out their illustrious career and discography.

Right now, we’ve got one of the previous unreleased lost recordings fresh off the press just for you!

On the top side is ‘Garden Of Love’, a classy mid-tempo Southern Soul/Crossover love song with Jimmy’s gritty vocals lighting up the track.

Flip it for more mid-tempo Southern Soul, only this time, with an edge of Funk to a ballad of lost love.

To top it off, it’s served up in Soul4Real’s signature packaging… and already SOLD OUT at that label.

Luckily, here at Record Shack we have a limited number in stock for you to get your hands on.

So what are you waiting for… GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

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