Good afternoon, we’ve been working hard on our mission to brighten up Your day with one of the greatest gifts the Lord from above gave us, of course we mean SOUL MUSIC, and here we are serving You something REALLY GOOD.

This week we are delighted to present you the first ever 7″ single issue release of Sean Oliver’s sensational uplifting dancefloor favourite ‘You And Me’, a tune only available on a rare hard to find album and 12″ released 1997 on the artists’ own label in Toronto, Canada.

Whenever this sensational Neo Soul hit the dancefloor at local events like SOUND of SOUL, JACK or any of UK’s Modern Soul rooms this mid-tempo soulful House roller took the crowd onto another level through it’s magical laid-back groove, smooth bongos and truly soulful vocals.

And now it’s here ready for you to put the needle of Your turntable onto this fablous record to lift You up with perfect authentic quality vinyl sound, just order Your copy here or write to reserve for pick up from our street store.

have a great holiday,


P.S.: Finally our ‘THURSDAY DIGGIN’ SESSION’ is back with the store open ’til 22h on thursday again…

For the first time since the whole ‘Corona-shite-crisis’ we are ‘allowed’ to keep open ’til late for you until 22h evening this Thursday (20th May) to give you  aswell!

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