*JUST IN!* Gambrells – Jive Talk b/w Find A Love – MD UK 7″

*JUST IN!* Gambrells – Jive Talk b/w Find A Love – MD UK 7″


Pat, Sharon and Sandra are all still well and healthy and could not believe it when Jordan got in contact over us finding their songs, including the New Loves takes in the Pioneer tapes. The excitement they had in being reconnected to Gary and their music, being able to share it with their children and grandchildren has been great to see. Jordan got sent a video of Sharon and Sandra singing and dancing with their families which is brilliant to watch. You may have seen some of the photos on social media when the girls received copies of their songs recorded over fifty years ago.

Like our other releases on the black top label, the opportunity to bring freshly remastered copies of what is turning out to be a difficult 45 to acquire and the price is rising quickly due to its rise in popularity, really meant it was not a difficult choice. More so given that the artists will be benefitting from the increased exposure and sales.

So, in all its remastered and refreshed glory, including a picture sleeve with background notes by Jordan from his interviews with the girls, we are please to present the 5th release on our black top series.

As we mentioned earlier, the sales of all our releases benefit the copyright owners and artists and go towards the cost of projects such as the Pioneer tapes. Not all the tapes contain songs, or songs that are releasable. For example, we are currently wondering what to do with an interview with Pete Townsend, where he talks about the Who’s tour of the US promoting the Tommy Album. This was recorded just ahead of them kicking of the Tour with a three-night Detroit gig in 1969.

Next up are four more unreleased masters from the Pioneer tapes. Now these two 45s are absolutely stonking and provide more missing pieces of the Detroit music scene back in the late 60s and early 70s.

Imagine the surprise when Jordan starts going on and on about tapes marked up with the Tomangoes and James Lately. Two iconic names from the rare and northern soul scene that is littered with many hugely influential tracks. To say that the wait to get the tracks digitised to hear the contents was agonising would be an understatement of massive proportion.

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