*JUST IN!* Al Lindsey – Only You b/w Ma Na Na – MD UK 7″

*JUST IN!* Al Lindsey – Only You b/w Ma Na Na – MD UK 7″


Al is bringing the modern rare soul grove back to MD records with the title track. This is dedicated to his son Allen who sadly passed away in 2021. Al has thrown himself into his music and we think is coming back strongly with this release. He is looking to plan a trip to the UK to play some dates, but still in the planning stages at the moment so we can share anything yet.

Only You showcases Al’s distinctive voice, highlighted by the great backing vocals and smooth melody. On its digital release in March 2022, it went straight into the UK Soul charts at number 21 having been picked up and played on numerous terrestrial and internet radio stations.

Flip it over and Al treats us to his working of a classic song, Ma Na Na  by Ollie Woodson of the temptations. It certainly delivers a brilliant reworking that firmly puts this as a contender for the modern rooms and chillout sets.

Next up are a pair of classic tracks re-issued having been remastered directly from the original master tapes.

On this subject it was interesting to see some comments recently about re-issues and how its not always apparent that a new release is a re-issue. Well on our label all of the Black Tops are re-issues, the yellows are previously unreleased, and the Gold is the contemporary soul music. So easy to know what you are getting when you buy one of our singles.

We believe that there is a place for re-issues in our catalogue and we try to bring records to you all that we feel add something. We fully appreciate and understand that they are not everyone’s cup of tea, but for many they are a way to own the music, and by ensuring that it is done properly, and rights owners are paid their dues along with artists, then we think they have a place for many people.

In terms of the Pioneer project, it also helps us to spread the costs of the whole project of the digitising, restoring and remastering the tapes so that we can bring the unreleased gems like the Sensations and New Loves to you all.

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