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Reinprechtsdorfer Str. 60, 1050 Vienna, Austria
Christmas mix by DJ Jörg Recordshack
Get inspired this Christmas was the latest mix from DJ Jörg Recordshack.

Have you seen the recent ‘Detroit’ movie?

Theme tune is the earlier Dramatics tune ‘All Because Of You’ written by none other than the legend & great friend Sidney Barnes back then in the 1960s.

Move yer’ feet to some hard-hitting Detroit Sixties Dynamite Soul, uptempo classic Northern bangers, gritty early 70s movers, an unexpected dose of Russian Funk, funky early 70s groovers, honest 60s masterpieces, a healing dose of Gospel and some mellow’n’smooth female midtempo fingersnappers.

Artists include The Dramatics, Major Lance, E. Rodney Jones, BobbyTreetop, Johnny Wiliams, The Exciters, Misha Panfilov Sound Combo, The Mighty O’Jays, Lenox Avenue, The Parliaments, Mighty Joe Young, Wes & The Airedales, Eddie Purrell, Al Wilson, Otis Blackwell, Bobby Hebb, Chris Bartley, Gospel Comforters, Mel Hueston, Chuck Jackson, Mary Wells, Jackie Ross, Dee Clark & Bobby Womack.

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