Two seriously funky, iconic British sci-fi soundtracks on one vinyl 7”?

Yep, that’s what Record Shack has in store just for you!

These are Preservation Society’s UFO and SPACE:1999 title soundtracks from the hit 1970s British television series by the same names – both composed by the legendary Barry Gray, no less!

Does it get any cooler than that?

It certainly does… because Record Shack enlisted the musical wizardry of London-based Andy Fairclough of Speedometer fame, to record 100% authentic instrumental rearrangements on original analogue tape of both.

What’s more, these tracks were laced with ultra-groovy space-age hammond organ to blast these cult classics into orbit!

This gem of a record actually dates back to 2014.

It was only during routine checks of classified Record Shack archives, that we rediscovered a small batch of this masterpiece..

This 7” is not to be missed, and now’s your chance to get your hands on it – but we only have a limited stock left so you need to act quickly.

Place your order today, and add some serious rocket fuel to your record collection.

Wishing you an extraterrestrially groovy Sunday,

Commander Jörg Straker

P.S.: also this Thursday we’ll be open ’til 22h for a DIGGIN’ SESSION with prices on US COLLECTOR’S records being discounted until next US IMPORT…


…all strictly limited and very in demand, only ONE copy available of some of these, so be quick!

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